American Renaissance and a “white” homeland?



Jared Taylor and AmRen have a new “tone.”

Those who attended the 2013 American Renaissance conference saw a change in mood and emphasis from previous gatherings—probably the result of watching Barack Obama coast to reelection with just 39% of the white vote. The new feeling is that the strategy of “awakening” whites and gaining power through democratic electoral means is not working. The demographic shift is too fast and our own progress is too slow; the opportunities we thought we saw are vanishing, and a strategic reorientation is becoming inevitable.

This reorientation will be toward the creation of autonomous white territories that can eventually become independent states

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Some of you may think  “Hey great!  maybe Taylor and AmRen are finally waking up to our situation!”


No.  That is wrong.  Dead wrong.

Those rodent-faced kikes whispering into Taylor’s ears, I think, have gotten wise to the fact that White homeland movements are actually becoming a legit concept and gaining ground.  They’re trying to hijack the movement. 


Men, this is a very serious threat to the survival of the white race.  We can NOT let this happen.  Jared Taylor and American Renaissance are a formidable threat.  They are a considerable influence in the White Nationalist movement (especially with newcomers) and they have a lot of money (because they’re shacked up with Jews). 


If AmRen creates a white homeland movement at this point in the game we could very well be done for (at least in the U.S. anyways).  We need to start pumping out some serious propaganda NOW.  I don’t care what it supports but it cannot be a shill group like AmRen.  We cannot let the jews get a hold of the reins.  Not now.  They did this in Europe, they did this in Rhodesia and they’ve done it in the U.S. 

 “The jews are fine by me.”



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