3. Mithra or the bull of fire (en)

Atala - A journey to the Golden Age by Marie Cachet

Version française


Quotations are (still) from Critias by Plato:


This last article in that part will give you the keys to understand a ritual which is still significant today in all cultures with European blood: the bullfighting or similar. Whether it is cows and bulls in prehistoric caves, the sacred ancient bulls in Egypt, the cows sacrificed on the graves in northern Europe and the primeval cow, or the bull sacrificed at the coronation of king in the Celtic culture, the mysterious cult of Mithras, the sacred cows of India ans the buffaloes bled out when choosing the child-goddess Kumari in Nepal (we will tell more about that ritual later), the mythical buffaloes among native Americans, the modern bullfighting, or many other rituals, the meaning of these sacrifices can be explained in only one way.



Each of the ten kings in his own division…

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