The European Rites

Thulean Perspective

Italiano. SpanishСрпски.


Many ask me for advice on how to do this or that in a Pagan way: «How do we marry the European way?» or «How do we celebrate this-or-that High Festival the European way?» and so forth. I can not answer all these questions, I am but a single person with limited time at my disposal (in this life, anyhow…), but I do my best, and first I wrote a book, «Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia», dealing amongst other subjects about this, and right now I am working to finish MYFAROG, a pen-and-paper roleplaying game, where 19 pages of the AIO rulebook is dedicated to the High Festivals and different rituals. Naturally there will be some RPG terminology and to most people irrelevant information in the chapter dealing with this, and it is all explained in a peculiar light, but…

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