The Way of the Bees

Thulean Perspective

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The Northern Lights were in the past used to explain how the spirits of the dead traveled to the Sun to be purified, before they were sent back again. Just like impure ore can be purified by fire and turned into pure metals, the Sun could purify the spirits of the dead. The purer the ore is, the more pure metal will be left after this process, but all ore will be purified by this and leave only pure metal.

Ukrainian Pagans jumping through fire to purify themselves.


The European idea is that in life we can grow or whither, we can become stronger or weaker than we were, and we can remain pure or fail to do so. In the end though, the Sky God weighs us in his hands (the Sun and the Moon) on the sky and…

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A Thulean Perspective

Thulean Perspective

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First some appropriate music


Imagine a life where people trust each other completely because they all are very similar and think the same way. Imagine a life where you don’t worry about death, because you trust those around you to raise your children the right way when you are no longer there. Imagine a life where you trust your peers so much and feel so connected to them that you look for excuses to make sacrifices for them, and they do the same for you. Imagine a life where you know that if you earn it you are to be reborn in the future, by your own children or their children, and imagine how much this would benefit your children and their children too. Imagine a life where walking uphill is seen as an opportunity for you…

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The European Rites

Thulean Perspective

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Many ask me for advice on how to do this or that in a Pagan way: «How do we marry the European way?» or «How do we celebrate this-or-that High Festival the European way?» and so forth. I can not answer all these questions, I am but a single person with limited time at my disposal (in this life, anyhow…), but I do my best, and first I wrote a book, «Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia», dealing amongst other subjects about this, and right now I am working to finish MYFAROG, a pen-and-paper roleplaying game, where 19 pages of the AIO rulebook is dedicated to the High Festivals and different rituals. Naturally there will be some RPG terminology and to most people irrelevant information in the chapter dealing with this, and it is all explained in a peculiar light, but…

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